Magical Largo

I’m sitting in the morning calmth of our living room. The world still asleep. I love those quiet moments all by myself. I’m an introvert by nature. Friends, society have made me more open and social, but in my heart, my honest self, I still love the quiet, the serene…

So I sit here, sipping morning coffee and watching our dog, Largo, who is the only one around.

I watch how he sleeps. How he turns, searching the best position, stretches his legs, breathing calmly. He’s totally relaxed, convinced that nothing can harm him here. Although he had some rough nights, chasing a mouse that somehow found its way into our house. Or the mouse fled, or it died, or Largo made peace with its presence? I don’t know, but since last night he stopped looking for it in all corners of the house. Peace returned to our little household.

And so I sit here, silently watching him and again – as so many times before – my heart and mind are filled with that strange feeling called love. Unconditional love for this little ball of fur. I would go to the end of the world for him. It happened the moment we took him home 8,5 years ago, just like that. He stole my heart in a blink of an eye. I dread the day that once will come, when we have to say goodbye, I really really do. And think more than I want about the fact how we will be able to live with the loss.

Dogs really do leave paw prints in your heart. That’s not just a saying, it’s the simple truth. And although that ability of these special animals is recognised by practically every dog owner, and scientifically proven, I still find it pure magic.

Love you always Largo, till beyond the moon and back… 🤎🤍🖤

Big Bisou, M. and 🐾 from Largo

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