Living with the virus

The whole world has been going through a strange period. The whole world still is. Even with vaccinations going steady in some parts, our lives are still not back to normal. And I’m afraid it will take years before it actually will. I believe we have to learn to live with this darn virus.

I did hope however that this experience would leave us with some positive habits. That we would learn to appreciate some things more than we did. Like caring for one another, have more respect, appreciate what we have. Apply or practice more empathy. And I truly hoped that we would live more slowly.

Taking it slow on the beach, De Koog, Texel

Truth however, the ratrace re-started almost immediately once the signal was given that more “freedom” was allowed again. Instead of thinking what’s the best thing to do with this renewed freedom, many of us jumped right in. Traveling is back, for most countries way too hasty, people are too careless. Incautious partying. People go back to their firms to work instead of from their homes. And thus, back are traffic jams, rush hours, meaning less time to cook properly, grocery shopping becomes a race in supermarkets again. And consequently people annoy one another, become aggressive all over again. Yelling, cursing, calling each other names…

Didn’t we learn anything? A small group holds on to their “new” habits, takes baby steps towards that renewed so called freedom. But they are often seen as some strange species and laughed at.

Some of us stand on crossroads: how do we cope with corona in our life?

I belong to that group of strange species, still wearing my face mask in many occasions, because it feels safe to me. I don’t feel the need to party, go to concerts with thousands of people. The only thing me and my husband did, was travel – by car – to our beloved Wadden island of Texel. How that was digested will follow in another blog 😉

Take care for each other, stay safe and do what feels good to you.

Big Bisou, 𝓜.

2 thoughts on “Living with the virus

  1. Marleen
    Well said! I couldn’t agree with your thoughts more. I feel that sadly, the world has become more angry, more hurried and more chaotic. I do hope at some point it levels out and we can all find a place to co-exist peacefully. I also wear my mask because I feel safer too.
    Beautiful and peaceful photos! Thank you and stay well.


    1. Hi Debra
      Thank you so much for your reaction! You’re the first so thanks from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏻
      And so good to read that I’m not the only person feeling like this. Keep safe xo


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