About creativity…

… is a lot to say, and a lot has already been said.

Picture from Unsplash by Nikhil Mitra

Some people consider me creative. I myself not so much… I can do a bit of this, and a bit of that, but nothing good enough to really DO something with it. I don’t think I have a personal style or signature as I feel others do. Not in my photography and now also not in my crochet work. And god knows I have been looking for one. But I always feel others have bright ideas which I lack. Is this the story of the grass always being greener on the other side of the hill?

Am I alone in this?

Now, in my passion for crocheting I would so much like to design my own creatures once I master all the skills. But who’s waiting for yet another doll? Another beetle? All’s been done at least once, and I can show you in a minute about 10 patterns of, let’s say, a lemon. So why should I write/design my own pattern of a lemon? And what would make it so unique that I can claim it as my own.

Photo ©︎dancingwithyarn – patterns ©︎yarn and colors and tisanecrochet

Now, anyone who knows me, also knows that I’m dead honest and would never, ever use a pattern, an idea, a picture or whatever, that isn’t mine and claim it as if it was. Never! I respect and admire designers, creators of whatever art form. And I always, always, give credit to them.

Considering that, I wonder: what on earth can I claim as my own design then? To stay in the crochet/amigurumi world, single crochets, magic rings, heads sewn on bodies,… it’s all been done, over and over again. As said, there are dozens of designs of lemons, of hearts, made with those same techniques. Then when is my lemon – based on the fruit 🍋 – not a copy? When I give it another form? Then it’s no longer a lemon. When I add eyes (already been done btw)? Adding a few rows; making it bigger, smaller; change the leaf…? No Joe, all that is considered copying…

Photo ©︎dancingwithyarn – pattern lemon ©︎tisanecrochet

This question really leaves me puzzled… not to say… a bit demotivated…

What’s your view on that?

Big Bisou, 𝓜.

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