I’m Marleen, I live in Belgium in a small town near Antwerp. With this bio you can get to know me a little better before you start reading my blog posts.

I’d still like to be 30, but I’m more than double, married since 1980 with the same husband. We have one son, who already left the house.

Our other family member is Largo, our sweet pooch, who we love to the moon and back. And he will sure make a regular appearance here.

Largo, our American Cocker Spaniel born 2013

I stopped working in April 2011 due to a major burn-out. 2 years later I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and that put a definite end to my professional career. I made peace with it, but am still learning to live slowly.

I used to be an avid amateur photographer and still own a ton of cameras and equipment. But lately I like to take it light and use practically nothing else than my smart phone. Much better for my back, shoulders and neck, and being a fibro patient I search all comfort I can get. Plus, my photography ambitions have changed.

Since September 2020, my hobby has shifted towards crocheting. A lot of crocheting.

Soft (deco) items in light weight yarns like alpaca and mohair have my preference. And colours will always be muted and pastel-ish. My dream is to become an amigurumi designer one day.

This is not my first blog/website. My first one is still online, and the first posts on this one will take you back to https://chaoticperfectionist.wordpress.com/

I’m also almost daily active on Instagram with two accounts. On crochet @dancingwithyarn and on photography @marl1eens_images though lately these two overlap.

I hope you enjoy my projects and posts.

Big Bisou! 𝓜.

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